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    Why I use an angled brush

    Posted by Juliette Hocking on

    Good evening! I've arrived home from the footy club and missed The Bachelor! Who was kicked off? Please tell me it was Leah. Girls like that surely don't still exist.. Maybe that whingey whining english girl that dislikes Leah could go home too.

    Anyway, I promised you a little photo breakdown demo of how to use an angle brush, here it is:

    Angle brushes offer diversity with your brushstrokes without changing brush. The angled bristles move extremely well across the contours of the face and it's a great option for outlining butterfly wings! Utilise the edge of the bristles for fine lines and move through the full face of the brush for broader strokes, it's terrific!

    Always look for ways to improve your designs and save time in the process. Could your design be better done with a one stroke? Can you avoid outlining? Is glitter essential? These extra steps all add up, so consider them when painting on a busy job.

    I had a customer ask me today if I apply sorbolene before face painting. I don't, but I do know of people who do so paint is easier to remove later. For me, this is a non-essential step in face painting and only serves to slow me down. Personally, most jobs I do, don't offer the luxury of spending time applying sorbolene to each individual.

    I met a lovely girl at my shop last week who paints her designs onto a sponge and then applies it to the face! How about that!

    Each to their own. There is always another way of doing something and I'm always open to hearing these different approaches. We are learners for life. Goodnight.

    I feel it's time to reach out!

    Over the last two years I have focused much of my time on teaching. Particularly at the beginner level. The reasons or motivators that bring people to my lessons are diverse, which is great. I'm often reminded of how I made my start with face painting eight years ago, as many others tell me their story [...]

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